How To increase Life Of Your Vehicle’s Tyres

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Car tyre inspection

Tyres are a imperative part of any car, tyre is the only part in car which are directly deal with ground. In manufacturing using high grade materials which helps them last long. Manufacturing materials such as synthetic rubber, natural rubber and some other chemical compounds. Follow these useful tips which can help you make most out of your tyres before you need to buy new ones.

Maintain Rear Tyres

Unlike the front wheels, rear wheels of a car are not connected to the steering in FWD cars, which means you cannot really know the traction available at the rear of the car. It’s always suitable to equip the rear wheels with newer or less worn out tyres. This automatically increases traction and helps the car to stop better. Also reducing the risk of losing control at higher speeds and tyre blow outs under heavy load.

Detect Tyre Wear

Traction is the vital part for any vehicle and worn out tyres can significantly reduce traction and grip. Some tyres come with tread wear indicators which become leveled with the surface of the tyres when only 1.6mm of tread depth is left on tyres. 1.6mm is the widely accepted tread depth on which it’s recommended to chance the tyres of the vehicle.

Look for Internal Damage

Sometimes it’s not possible to detect the inner damage of tyres when it’s mounted to the vehicle. It is a good practice to get tyres inspected by an expert for possible tyre damage from the inside. Inspecting the inner conditions of the tyre can point out possible air leakage. Leakage can lead to flat tyre or even blowouts which can be fatal at high speeds.

Don’t Drive Fast

Driving at high speeds encourages heat buildup in tyres. As we mentioned earlier heat is bad for tyres. This also increases the chances of damage due to road hazards and can cause air loss. Make sure you drive at optimal speeds or opt for high speed tyres which can endure high speed with less damage to the tyres.

Avoid overloading

Check your tyre’s max load capacity against the tyre load index. Overloading can also help heat buildup in tyres and this can contribute in sudden blowouts. With high loads, it becomes impossible to gain back control of your car if a blowout occurs so better respect your tyre’s max load capacity.

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