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Alloy Wheels

Our regulars at TyreCityUk agree that we are the best bet when it comes to upgrading your vehicle. No matter what type of face lift your car needs, we are capable of doing an impressive job. One popular aftermarket addition that many car owners opt for is the alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels Dudley are a classic trick to improve a vehicle's appearance. Courtesy to our in-house automobile experts’ skills and eyes for aesthetics, all customers who avail our wheel fitment services leave satisfied with the suggestions and the precise job.

Advantages of alloy wheels

Why alloy?

By definition, an alloy is a mixture of metals. For car wheels, a combination of magnesium and aluminium with some percentage of nickel is the most preferred choice in the industry.

Alloy wheels are created by gravity casting, which allows for superior and intricate designs.

  • Better appearance
  • Alloy wheels provide more aesthetic value compared to their steel counterparts. The reason for this being the utilisation of a more complex manufacturing process, and alloy's properties, which lends itself to intricate and designs. At our automobile garage, TyreCityUk in Dudley, we store alloy wheels across a large variety of surface finishes and designs.

    Types of wheel finishes available in our store

    1. Chrome plated – A coating of several layers of copper, nickel and chromium lends a mirror-reflective surface.

    2. Powder coated – For those who prefer a matte finish with gunmetal tones, this is the ideal variant.

    3. Bare-polished finish, with or without top coating – Alloy wheels can be hand-polished with a buffer, with a clear coat for a rich shine.

  • Superior performance
  • Alloy wheels can help augment vehicle performance as well –

    Since they are significantly lighter than steel wheels, braking requires less power.

    They respond to acceleration better. Lightweight allows agile steering response.

    Alloy wheels Birmingham reduce wears on other components like tyres, and suspension springs and struts.

  • Better heat dissipation
  • Alloys are inherently better conductors of heat. Therefore, these wheels effectively dissipate heat away from tyres. Alloys can help towards longer lasting tyres, as rubber is susceptible to higher erosion at high temperatures.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rust and corrosion are the most common degrading factors of wheels. With alloy wheels, you will be at ease, as they are highly-corrosion resistant. When compared to steel wheels these last a lot longer.

  • Better fuel economy
  • Installing alloy car wheels in Dudley can be an efficient way to optimise fuel economy. Being lightweight, they don’t add to a tyre’s rolling resistance. By reducing the rolling resistance, you automatically lower fuel consumption.

Why choose us?

Our years of experience in automobile servicing make TyreCityUk your 1st choice for a new set of alloy wheels. You can even refer to our professionals for an alloy wheel repair in Dudley .

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