What is tyre Speed Rating?

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A tyre speed rating indicates the maximum speed a tyre is legally approved for. For more information on what the rest of your tyre label means read our extensive guide to buying a tyre, here. Be that as it may, it’s essential to recall that the lab can’t reenact each possible condition. Think about your tire’s speed rating as a … Read More

Advantage and Disadvantages of Low profile Tyres

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low profile tyres

Advantages The most readily visible advantage of low profile tyres is that they look better. Low profile often means that larger rims and wider tyres have to be used, which can be beneficial to braking and cornering on dry roads. Low sidewalls also increase the rigidity of a tyre, which is especially important when cornering at high speeds, especially on … Read More

Summer Roads and Winter Tyres Are a Horrible Match

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Winter tyres

Summer roads and winter tyres don’t go together. It resembles wearing a scarf and gloves amid sweltering, summer days. Try not to like the malodorous, sticky perspiration running down your back? Indeed, your auto doesn’t care for winter tyres while taking off down warm and radiant streets. Kindly, do consider the five reasons why you should replace your tyres with … Read More

All season tyres vs summer tyres

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all season tyres

The benefits of utilizing all season tyres All season tyres ought to give an adequate level of execution consistently, particularly when utilized reasonably. With all-season items, you will dependably be set up for sudden winter or chilly spells in spring, as the elastic compound can make due beneath 7 degrees. This flexibility and capacity to adjust is the fundamental advantage … Read More

Which are the best car tyre brands?

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cfar tyres brand rating

There is no doubt that tyres are integral parts of the entire traveling world. Regardless of whether you are going to the office, for a trip or even just to the market, there is a high likelihood that you will use a vehicle that runs on tyres. As a result, it’s important that we know the best car tyre brand … Read More

How To increase Life Of Your Vehicle’s Tyres

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Car tyre inspection

Tyres are a imperative part of any car, tyre is the only part in car which are directly deal with ground. In manufacturing using high grade materials which helps them last long. Manufacturing materials such as synthetic rubber, natural rubber and some other chemical compounds. Follow these useful tips which can help you make most out of your tyres before … Read More

Determine the age of your tyres

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used tyre at tyrecityuk

Determine the age of your tyres Not sure how old your tyres are, and don’t have the receipt from your last purchase? No worries — this is a common issue and we can show you exactly how to find out. If you look closely at the side of each of your tyres, you’ll see a bunch of letters and numbers. … Read More