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Are you looking for Exhaust for your vehicle?


Routing away harmful gases and fumes from the engine is a critical function that your car’s exhaust system performs. Keeping it in tip-top shape is, therefore, a necessity. We, TyreCityUk , help you with that, with the help of our vastly experienced workforce.

A faulty exhaust can be a reason for severe inconveniences while driving.

Few consequences of a malfunctioning exhaust

  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • An exhaust leak can be potentially the cause of low fuel efficiency. Leaks will impede the fume dispersal process. Modern vehicles include exhaust systems which partake in the combustion process by often redirecting the fumes exiting the engine for re-combustion. An exhaust repair Dudley from our reputed garage is your best solution to this.

  • Disturbing noises
  • Rattling – A persistent rattling sound, whenever accelerating is a possible indication of a broken muffler part.

    Rumbling sound – A typical indication of a leaking exhaust, it causes your car’s engine to emanate a rumbling sound. It’s actually the gases escaping out through the small holes and cracks in your car’s exhaust pipes.

  • Vibrations
  • A vibrating accelerator/gas pedal is an obvious indication of defects with your car’s exhaust. When exhaust fumes escape via a route they are not supposed to, they cause the pipes to rattle. Eventually, it translates to shaking and vibrations in the gas pedal, and at times on your car’s steering wheels.

  • Increase in emission levels
  • The catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust. A defective cat converter will fail to curb harmful gases like carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and unburnt hydrocarbon from escaping the engine leading to accumulation and thereon inefficient engine performance. There’s also the added risk of such accumulated gases escaping into the vehicle interiors.

    The occurrence of any of the above signs requires you to drive to an exhaust repair garage in Dudley . Our state-of-the-art automotive repair facility is your best option here. At TyreCityUk , you are offered with nothing but the best repairs and aftermarket parts for replacements if required.

What should an exhaust repair cover?

In our garage, an examination before exhaust repair will undoubtedly consist of –

  • Inspection of the mounts.
  • Checks to detect fractures in the pipelines.
  • An examination of the catalytic converter.
  • Evaluation of the oxygen sensor.
  • Checking the manifolds and gaskets for signs of wear.
  • Inspection of the muffler for rust accumulation.

Since we ensure that you spend only what’s necessary, we proceed with an exhaust repair Birmingham after a thorough examination.

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Expert technicians at TyreCityUk in Dudley have mastered their skills with years of practice. So rest assured, when you visit our garage for exhaust repair in Dudley , you will find industry-leading services.

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