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Although tyre maintenance is a vital part of ensuring excellent performance, you cannot ignore the fact that the tyres are bound to be replaced after a certain passage of time. A time comes when the tyres Kingswinford cars use, are beyond repair. Driving a car with half-dead tyres can pose a considerable risk to safety. At the very least, it can completely damage your wheel’s internal structure..


There are a variety of reasons for a puncture. Mostly, it happens because of foreign particles hitting your tyre and causing a hole in it. Sometimes, your tyres incur more significant damage. If your tyres are hit by bigger objects such as nails or bolts or large parts of debris, then your tyres can be damaged beyond repair.

To take this concept even further, tyres with large punctures contribute to an imbalance in wheels as well. Therefore, it is advisable to replace your tyres rather than repairing large punctures.

Tread Wear Condition

If you are frequently hit the roads, you must note that your tyres will start to wear out after a point of time. In order to ensure safe driving conditions, you must not drive a car with worn-out tyres. Moreover, you must keep in your knowledge that the weather also has a significant impact on your tyre’s wearing condition.

As per the law, it is illegal to drive a car with tread wear larger than 3mm. If the authorities catch you driving such a car, you’ll be liable to a huge fine. So, you must get a new set of tyres for your vehicle if your tread lies in the beyond repair criteria.

Tyre Age

Depending on the atmosphere of your region, tyres must be replaced after every 6 years. If your tyres, manage to work effectively even after 6 years, you are in luck. A majority of car owners prefer to use the same set of tyres for more than 10 years. However, if you live in hot and humid places, your tyres Kingswinford are more likely to end their life in 5-6 years.

A significant reason for the depletion of life span of tyres in warmer climates is the UV rays. The harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun causes your tyres to crack once they become old. Being a responsible owner, you should not use an old companion for your car and replace them as soon as possible.

Condition Of Your Car’s Tyre And MOT Inspection

Experts at the ministry of transport advice the drivers to ensure proper tyre conditions before taking an MOT inspection. You will never pass an MOT Kingswinford test with improper tyres as they are a massive risk to your safety.

Driving car with unsafe MOT conditions is a huge safety risk for your loved ones. Therefore, you must replace your tyres and ensure proper conditions before hitting an MOT test centre.

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