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Mot Dudley, Birmingham

MOT is a test conducted annually on your automobile to inspect its roadworthiness, safety, and efficiency. It is conducted by the DVSA, and you need a valid MOT certificate to drive your car anywhere in the UK.

If your vehicle is older than 3 years, it needs to pass an MOT Dudley or anywhere else in the UK to stay legally roadworthy. Only a DVSA-approved service centre can conduct MOT. TyreCityUk is one of the largest test centres in Dudley and we specialise in it.

We have a team of certified and experienced technicians who will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any malfunctions that might hinder its safety. We only conduct Class 4 MOT.

What is a Class 4 MOT?

Class 4 MOT is by far one of the most common MOT tests, designed to examine a passenger vehicle for its safety, reliability, and emission-quality across multiple parameters. Your car will need a Class 4 MOT if it falls under the following category.

  • It can carry up to 8 passengers.
  • It is a dual-purpose vehicle.
  • You use it as a private hire or public service automobile.
  • It is an ambulance, taxi, or private passenger vehicle.
  • You use it as a motor caravan.
  • Goods carrying quads that have a maximum weight limit of 500kg.
  • Passenger quads which have an unladen weight of maximum 400kg.
  • 3-wheeled vehicles that weigh more than 450kg.
  • Some vehicles are exempted from an MOT Dudley. You won’t have to visit our garage for an annual test if your car is –

  • Registered within 3 years.
  • Tractors
  • If it is a load-carrying vehicle that runs on electricity.
  • Classic cars that were registered for more than 40 years ago and have not been substantially modified within the last 30 years.

Getting an MOT test at TyreCityUk in Dudley & Birmingham

When you bring your vehicle at our facility for MOT Birmingham, our technicians will inspect it thoroughly for any malfunction that might hinder your safety during driving. We systematically go through all the components, and it takes around 45 to 60 minutes for the entire test to complete.

A Class 4 MOT costs around £54.85 and the rate is fixed for any Class 4 vehicles. Also, if we locate any malfunction with your car, and you leave it at our garage for a repair and retest. The test is completely free of charge (if it is within 10 working days). A retest is also free if it is done within 24 hours of the primary test.

Where quality meets affordability

Bring your vehicle to TyreCityUk whenever you need to get its MOT test in Birmingham performed. We strive to offer you the highest quality services at affordable rates.

Feel free to bring your vehicle to our garage whenever you want. You can also call us ahead of your visit to schedule an appointment.

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