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Just as your cars require extensive maintenance and servicing, so does your tyres. Whether you own a set of summer tyres or winter tyres, they require appropriate maintenance and care to function smoothly. Moreover, a set of healthy tyres also ensures your utmost safety and comfort on the road.

Appropriate Tyre Pressure

In order to drive smoothly without any kerb damage, you must fill up your tyres with the required air pressure. Usually, manufacturers provide a handbook along with tyres. This handbook or say user manual has all the required psi ratings pertaining to your tyres. Furthermore, inadequate air pressure can also disbalance your tyres which in turn can lead to a major accident.

Therefore, you must maintain adequate air pressure to avoid punctures and damage from foreign substances present on the road. It is advisable to buy a decent set of Pirelli <strong>tyres Oldbury</strong> to save yourself from frequent tyre maintenance visits. Pirelli tyres are engineered to reduce your maintenance costs and ensure high levels of comfort.

Even Tread Wear

Almost 80 per cent of road accidents happen due to uneven tread wear in the tyres. As a part of tyre maintenance, you must ensure even wearing conditions. If you notice that your tyre’s tread is worn out from one side while the other side is perfectly fine, you should take your car to a garage as soon as possible.

Driving a vehicle with uneven tread wear can make your tyres lose their gripping capabilities. Moreover, you are likely to skid on slippery surfaces if you decide to ignore this condition.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS or tyre pressure monitoring system is a vital part of your safety. Nowadays, TPMS comes pre-installed in all modern cars. This system tells you about your tyre’s pressure status. If they are low on pressure, you will notice a yellow light blinking on your speedometer.

In case, your TPMS warns you about such a condition, you must fill up your tyres Oldbury with appropriate pressure to avoid any accidents.

Relation Between Tyre Maintenance and MOT

The Ministry of transport advises the drivers to maintain their tyres properly. This is because inadequate tyre pressure or a damaged sidewall can significantly compromise your safety on the road. Moreover, you will have to spend vast amounts on tyre repairs if you fail an MOT Oldbury test.

MOT experts check your tyres for its tread, sidewall, air-pressure and worn-out conditions. In case, you decide to drive a car with a failed MOT certificate, you will incur a huge fine of £2500. 

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