Benefits and Laws of Part worn Tyres

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laws of part worn tyres

Choosing part worn tyres you’ll be saving yourself a good amount of money as part worn tyres can be much cheaper than new tyres. Firstly we know about laws of part worn tyres then we use used tyres in your vehicle.

Now I know, you’re probably thinking what are we talking about, let me explain. With using part worn tyres they are being recycled therefore there is less waste being created from the tyres, this is definitely one of the great benefits of part worn tyres.

We’ve seen the benefits and laws of part worn tyres now what are the laws?

When it comes to part worn tyres there are some laws that are in place for them to be sold correctly. It isn’t illegal to sell part worn tyres but if they don’t meet the certain standards that have been set then they can’t be sold as they aren’t fit for purpose.

The laws of part worn tyres in the whole UK are as followed:

  1. They must have an EC approved mark
  2. There must be no cuts over 25mm
  3. They must be clearly marked and advertised as part worn
  4. There must be no lumps, bulges and tears in the tyre
  5. There can’t be any penetration damage
  6. The speed and capacity index must be clearly marked
  7. The original tyre tread pattern must be at least 2mm deep

If a part worn tyre fails to meet any of these standards then it strictly can’t be sold but luckily for you all of our part worn tyres are within the law boundaries and ready to sell and be fitted to your vehicle.

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