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Regular maintenance of tyres plays a vital part in ensuring high levels of comfort and performance of your car. Although a lot of car owners focus on tyre pressure and tread condition, you must not ignore a key element of tyre maintenance, i.e. imbalanced tyres Stourbridge. Being a responsible owner, you must know some of the symptoms that indicate a need for tyre balancing.


Sudden vibrations in your car are the first sign of an imbalance in tyres. A majority of drivers blame uneven road surfaces and terrains for frequent vibrations in the vehicle. Usually, the vibrations travel through your chassis and can be felt on the steering wheel. Although uneven surfaces are a significant reason for vibrations, many a time, an imbalanced set of tyres are the real culprit.

If you are also feeling this tickling sensation in your body while driving your car, then it is advisable to drive to an auto-garage and get your tyres inspected.

Inadequate Steering Wheel

An imbalance in tyres can also be noted from a resistive steering wheel. Usually, drivers complain about getting pulled to one side of the road and hard steering as well. In case you are being bothered by similar issues, you must pay attention to your tyre’s condition.

But tyres are not always the culprit. Sometimes, the accumulation of contaminants in the steering system can also be a reason for a resistive steering wheel. In case you are experiencing excessive motion and resistance to your steering commands, then you must repair your tyres or get them replaced as soon as possible.

Poor Fuel Economy

If you are experiencing a decreased mileage, in spite of following the manufacturer guidelines, it’s high time that you need a proper balancing of your tyres Stourbridge. Imbalanced tyres contribute towards a decreased mileage as they put higher stress on the engine. Increased stress on the engine is till-date, the biggest reason for poor fuel economy.

If you don’t wish to stop frequently for filling up your tank, then it is advisable to drive to a mechanic and get your tyres back in shape.

The Affect Of Tyres On MOT Inspection

As you know, the ministry of transport checks your car for its optimum safety standards. Driving to a test centre with an imbalanced set of tyres is your one-way ticket to failure. If you don’t want to spend huge amounts on repairs and MOT Stourbridge fines, you must get your tyres in a proper balance.

If you are caught driving on the road with a failed MOT certificate, you can easily lose up to £1000 for four tyres.

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