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Vehicles are comprised of a variety of components that ensures high levels of standards and performance. Your cars go through a lot of hassles in providing you with adequate performance according to the weather and terrain. Although it is essential to focus on your engine, clutch and gear, you must not forget the services offered by your tyres.

Winter Tyres

If you seek an ideal winter performance from your cars, it is advisable to buy an efficient set of snow tyres Tipton offered by Bridgestone. Their tyres are known to increase your car’s traction and gripping capabilities. Moreover, if you want a stable driving experience, then winter tyres should be on your priority list.

Winter tyres by Bridgestone lie in the price range of £50-£70. But if you look at the amazing features offered by this snow tyre, the amount should not be a barrier.

Summer Tyres

Dry road surfaces demand a higher gripping capability and increased agility. This is because cars often lose their responsiveness on dry roads. All thanks to Bridgestone’s premium rubber quality and groove pattern, drivers can now enjoy and relax while their tyres cover their stress. 

Moreover, you cannot forget the performance capabilities of the summer tyres. These tyres provide better cornering and high-speed stability as compared to your regular tyres. Summer tyres lie in the price range of £30-£50. 

Run-Flat tyres

Run-flat technology is no less than a boon in the automotive industry. If your car is fitted with an efficient set of run-flat tyres, you can keep on moving even after a puncture. This happens because of a self-supporting rim that covers for minor damages and supports your cheap tyres, Tipton, in scenarios of puncture and loss of air pressure.

But bear in mind that run-flat tyres also have a limitation. You cannot possibly drive on run-flat tyres after 50 miles. Moreover, run-flat tyres are not designed to support speeds above 50mph.

The relation between different tyres and MOT

You cannot pass an MOT test unless your car is fitted with an adequate set of tyres. As you know that your tyres require a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm to pass the MOT test, you must look-out for any uneven tread wear that can reduce this limit.

Furthermore, MOT experts look for your tyre’s sidewall condition. If you happen to drive summer tyres in winter, you will indirectly be damaging the tread section of the tyre. This, in turn, can be a reason for getting a VT30 or ‘failed’ MOT Tipton certificate.

Lastly, it is advisable to buy an adequate set of tyres depending upon your weather and terrain. If you are someone who likes to drive on muddy and rocky terrains, visit us at Tyre City. We provide the best all-terrain tyres Tipton at attractive prices.

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