Wheel Alignment

Have you noticed any difficulties when steering?
A vibration or pulling to one side?

Wheel-alignment at tyrecityuk
Have you ever feel any difficulty with steering? Is it vibrating or pulling towards one side? It may due to your vehicle tyres need proper alignment. It helps the reduction of tyre wear and ensure the optimum performance and handling of the vehicle on the road efficiently. At TyreCityUK we have specialist and latest equipment to make accurate and quick adjustments to the wheels of your vehicle at reasonable prices.

Making the right
choice for your car

When a car drives on road daily, it cause wheel out of alignment which can’t be ignore. Wheel alignment can be termed as wheel tracking. It involves adjustment of wheel angles at recommended position. Alignment reduce tyre wear and ensure maximum performance, smooth drive and vehicle handling on road properly.

Every vehicle has its own specific steering settings for its front wheels. If its setting knocked out of alignment then it will become difficult to handle on road, even small accident or bumping a curb can disrupt your suspension. It is recommended to check wheel alignment after every six months. In TyreCityUk we have team of experts give complete assistance about your tyre life, condition and its alignment.

When your vehicle is new, its wheels are correctly aligned and adjusted. Drivers must analyze its new vehicle within first 3 months. Through this there is very less possibility that wheel alignment will be drifting outside of the manufactures guidelines. Drivers may not notice the potential defects and if ignore, it cause lasting damage. Typical symptoms are steering vibration and vehicle pulling towards one side.

Incorrect wheel alignment can cause many problems such as it may increase fuel consumptions, affects the braking distance and driving quality.

Symptoms of incorrect wheel tracking:

  • Uneven or feathered tyre wear
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Drag or pulling
  • Audible distress while turning corners

If the wheel alignment is not correct it can apply excessive pressure to the tyres which cause bend into one direction. When such situation happens, vehicle faces a resistance on road and work very hard to drive on road along in a straight line. It consumes more fuel as compared to normal condition which is absolutely not good for you and environment.

The expert technicians at TyreCityUK use Wheel Alignment equipment, which offers a fast and accurate system for your front wheels, and is considered the most trusted equipment in the UK. At TyreCityUk we prefer updated equipment by keeping in mind the safety credentials, reliability and efficiency. Laser wheel aligners are available in Tyre City UK branches throughout the Midlands.


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