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If you are someone who can’t part away from roads even after punctures, you must invest in a decent set of run-flat tyres Wolverhampton. This incredible tyre technology is designed to keep you moving even after your tyres incur serious damage. But you must bear in mind that run-flat tyres can only help you till a specific distance and you must drive at a specific speed.ds.

Self-Supporting Tyre

Run-flat tyre gains their strength from a reinforced sidewall structure. This structure enables your tyre to support the weight of your vehicle. Furthermore, as mentioned before, run-flat tyres can only support your vehicle to a certain distance.

In case, you decide to buy a decent set of Continental tyres, you can expect your run-flats to walk till 50 miles at a speed of 50mph. Secondly, they are also your best companion if you are planning a road trip with your friends or family.

Support Ring System

This technology works a bit different from the self-supporting system. A support ring system is used to support your car in scenarios of air loss and damage. It is comprised of a premium quality hard rubber or an equivalent material to support the weight of the passengers and the car as well.

Also, it is vital to understand that run-flat tyres can only be fitted in cars with Tyre pressure monitoring system.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre pressure monitoring system is a unique technology developed by experts. This safety mechanism ensures adequate tyre pressure for your car. If your tyres are running on low air pressure, then you will start noticing a yellow light on your speedometer.

If you see a yellow cross with an exclamation mark, it is time to hit the garage and inflate your tyres Wolverhampton to their required psi rating.

MOT testing and Tyres

If your car has recently gone through a puncture, you should not use a space-saver tyre as an alternative to your regular tyre for a prolonged period of time. A spare tyre is just for your safety so you can easily reach an auto-garage in time. They are not designed to support your vehicles.

Furthermore, cars equipped with space saver tyres are guaranteed to fail the MOT Wolverhampton test. In case your car is fitted with run-flat tyres, the garage experts will check your tyre’s tread, pressure, damage and sidewall condition. If you pass through all of these parameters, you’ll be issued a VT20 or ‘passed’ MOT certificate.

If you are looking for cheap tyres Wolverhampton, visit us at Tyre City. Our team is trained to tune-up your car so you don’t have to fail an MOT ever again.

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